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Meet the Hutson-Etherredge Companies Staff

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Leadership, Larry Holly & Rickie Thornton
Ferrell "Larry" Holley, Jr., President,
Rickie Thornton, Vice-President,


Hutson-Etherredge Proders
Philip Merry,
H.O. "Spooky" Weeks,

Commercial Lines:

Hutson-Etherredge Commercial Liines Contacts
Michelle Banks,
Sandi Vogus,
Christa Haltiwanger,

Personal Lines:

Hutson-Etherredge Personal Line Contacts

Pamela Swearingen,
Kelly Frontroth,
Donna Ergle,
Carol Stutts,
June Lawson,

Life and Health:

Hutson-Etherredge Life & Health Contacts
Cheri Reese,
Cindy Kelly,

Claims Liasion:

Huton-Etherredge Claims Liason
Mary Smoak Claims Liaison,


Hutson-Etherredge Support Staff
Debra Barnes, Receptionist
Mary Burton, Accounting
Johnelle Ramsey, Receptionist
Deborah Thomas, Processor
Faye Thornton, Processor